Thursday, July 25, 2013

Team 45 Missions Trips

Sadie and Henry took their missions trips in June.  They both had training on Tuesdays from 9-2:30.  Henry's class stayed in the Tulsa area and worked with a local church and The Little Lighthouse School.  Sadie's class went to Jonesboro, AR, and helped with their food and clothing ministry for 4 days.  Each of them had a great time.   Here are a few pics from their training days and trips:

Mpact Mission Trip to KC

Samuel and Elizabeth went on their missions trip to KC in early July.  Before going, they had training every Thursday from 8-5 for six weeks to prepare for their trip.  They worked with a local church and canvassed the neighborhood  to invite everyone to a block party that was thrown for 3 days.   26 people came to know Jesus as their Savior that week!  Thank you to those who invested in my children's lives financially and prayerfully!  May God pour out a blessing on you.  Here are a few photos from their week:

Monday, July 22, 2013


“You do not need to have scholarship, training, talent, or wit for prayer. Ask, seek, knock –that is all…Will you believe the promise? It is Christ who gives it. No lie ever fell from His lips. Oh, do not doubt Him. Pray on if you have prayed, and if you have never prayed before, may God help you to begin today!” - Charles Spurgeon