Monday, May 25, 2009

Lizzy's 1st Track Meet

Lizzy had her first track meet this past Saturday in Jenks. She ran in the 100m dash, 200 m dash and the 400m dash. She did a great job for her very first time ever to run in a meet! Aaron and I were very proud of her!

This is the tent they go in before the race and the get split into groups.

The girls in Lizzy's 100m heat.

Before the races . . .

After the races! Some of these photos were taken by another team members mom. I got so excited watching her that I would forget to take pictures. Thanks, Charlene, for these great photos! All in all, it was a very long day, but I think she enjoyed it. Way to go, Lizzy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sammy is officially a Brace Face!

Sammy BEFORE we left this morning:

And, AFTER! You can't really see, but he chose to have purple and green as his colors this time. He is very proud of his new look!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lizzy and the Cheetahs

Lizzy had her last soccer game last night for the Spring season. She was new to this team, but fit right in w/ them. She had a great season and is looking forward to Fall soccer. Here are some pics I took against a team that had 2 of the biggest 9 year olds I have ever seen. The girls were a little intimidated at first, but came through w/ the win.

Oatmeal for Breakfast!! YUK!

I decided to fix oatmeal for breakfast today and it was not received very well at all! There were a lot of sound effects at the table (moaning, sighs, even gagging) and some bargaining ("how about I eat an apple for breakfast instead?"). Two of the children were found STILL sitting at the table 45 minutes later! I know I sound like a mean mom, but I am trying to remedy all the snacking that goes on between meals. I thought oatmeal might stick to their stomachs a little longer. Apparently, it sticks to the back of Henry's throat, too!

I think it's funny that you can hear Sammy at the end. It is as if he is appalled that I would video Henry in his distress!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

I am so thankful for the children that God has given to Aaron and me. They are so thoughtful and so sweet and made sure that their mommy had a great Mother's Day. They made all of these special gifts for me, took me to lunch at Macaroni Grill, and to Freckles for dessert. I even got in a little bit of a nap. They were so proud of the things they made that I thought I would show them off on here:

This is Sammy's card. If you will notice in the corner, it says Free. I asked him what was "free" and he said he didn't know. They made these in church and it was supposed to be coupons.

This is Henry's card. I hope you can read the poem inside, because it is very sweet. If you are like me, I always treasure the things with their hand or foot prints, something to remember how small they are. He also gave me a container of lotion that he decorated on the outside.

Here is the flower that Sadie made me. Lizzy made the snow globe w/ the flower and glitter in the jar. Sophie painted the wooden angel and that is the jar of lotion of Henry.

This is the letter that came w/ Lizzy's gifts. I thought it was pretty funny! She drew many pictures of she and I together and gave me a card w/ coupons as well.

These are the coupons from Lizzy and Sadie. I'm not sure why this posted sideways, but I couldn't get them to rotate. I can't wait to cash my coupons!

My flowers from Sophie and the girls each made me a heart. I hope everyone else had a great Mother's Day, too!