Friday, March 27, 2009

Dinner Conversation

The kids were eating their dinner one night and having this conversation:

Sammy: "I think I may only have a few children when I grow up."
Lizzy: "How many do you want?"
Sammy: "I would like to have triplets."
Me: "Triplets are ALOT of work."
Sammy: "I know, but I think it would be fun."
Henry: "I want to have doublets when I grow up!"

That kid makes me laugh! Thank you God for sending him to us!

My baby is not such a baby anymore

Silas got a taste of what it is like to swing in the "big" kid swing and now he would rather be in it than his "baby" swing.

Sadie was gracious to swing him for awhile, but when she stopped . . .

he came crying to momma.
He has also learned to put his sippie cup in the sink when he has emptied it. It is a nice thing for him to do, but when I went to the sink yesterday, I found the TV remote, the remote to our ceiling fan and this:

Although, I didn't find this until I turned the garbage disposal on! It was a pretty blue rock one of the kids had gotten from church. I still think he is pretty yummy, even though he is a "little" rotten!

Spring Break - What's That?

Things have gotten pretty busy around here. Soccer season has started and baseball season starts next week. In addition to soccer, Lizzy has also added track to her repertoire. So, we are gone every night of the week for one practice or another. I don't say that to complain, just stating the reasons why I haven't been able to blog much.

We took some time off last week for a "Spring Break." My kids had never heard that term until this year. They had some friends who were out of school for it, so we took a few days and went bowling, skating and had a sleepover. It was hard for them to get back into their routine this week, which is probably why I never gave them a Spring Break before.
I took Sammy, Lizzy and Henry skating for the first time. The other 3 stayed w/ mom and dad. Sadie didn't want to go, I guess she thought she would have more fun at grandma's house. Boy, was she wrong! I didn't get many pics, but I did get this one of Sammy. It kinda cracked me up!
I couldn't count the number of times he fell that day, but he kept getting back up and trying! That's my boy!
He wasn't too hurt. He was smiling before we left the rink.

We went bowling w/ our good friends, the Urbans. This is Hope. She is 4 and she is in love w/ Henry. One time when she knew we were going to be coming over to their house, she asked her mommy what she should wear since she was going to be seeing Henry. These two have a lot of fun together.
Liesel and Lizzy having fun at the bowling alley, when the boys weren't bowling in their turns!
That's what brothers are for!
Henry was mad at me because I wouldn't buy him anything to eat while we were bowling. I don't know what I am going to do when he is a teenager, because he already eats non-stop.

My friend, Charissa, and I did a kid swap one night for a sleepover. She took the girls and I took the boys. This is the fort that they slept in that night.

I used to think that I only wanted to have boys. But after this night, I realized that boys are all about "cutting the cheese," telling silly jokes, and eating every 10 minutes. I had a great time w/ them, but I sure missed my sweet, not so stinky, deep thinkers. God really does know what he is doing when it comes to giving us the children we are meant to have!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sophie sharing w/ Silas

My Sweet Little Boy!

Henry loves to pick flowers in the yard and bring them to me. He has been taking after his daddy. Aaron will do the grocery shopping for me and he will come back w/ a bouquet of flowers for me. He has also noticed that his daddy wears rings. So, he asked his sister to get him a ring from Mrs. Hill's house (their piano teacher) so that he can have a ring to wear. It just happened to be bright green and he loves to wear it everywhere. His daddy told him that boys do not wear rings and he said, "But, you wear two rings, Daddy. Why can't I?" Smart boy!

Feeling Better!

It's been awhile since my last post. Things have suddenly picked up and our lives are busy, busy. After the bout w/ pink eye, Lizzy came down w/ pneumonia. I think we caught it pretty quick. She had one round of antibiotics and did breathing treatments 3 times a day. I took her to the doctor yesterday and he said that she could participate in her sports, as long as she wasn't coughing. She had track practice last night and did very well. She was miserable last week, not because she didn't feel well, but because she couldn't "do" anything.