Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pics of Our New Place

Here are a few pics of our new place.

The road we drive to and from the main street to our house.  One of my favorite things about where we live:

We get to hear this little donkey at all hours of the day:

Our driveway:

Our new front porch that Aaron built:

The back of the house, where we spend most of our time:  (I have a porch swing now :))

The backyard, plenty of room for the kids to run:

There was a family of SEVEN living under the trailer until Aaron caught them:)  They are nasty little things and they stink!  We were wondering if we were ever going to catch them all.

The front pasture:

This is where I am going to plant my garden.  The barn in the background will be torn down and our new house will be built in that area:

This is what the pool looked like before we cleaned it.  There were a couple of times I thought I was going to throw up while cleaning it:

My cute little pool boy keeps it all nice and clean for us.  He is also a big help to his dad with all the household projects:

My new kitchen sink that Aaron installed for me last night (Happy Father's Day to me :)).  We had a hard time putting anything in the other one:

We found some blackberry bushes, just wish there were more berries on them:

Sadie's prize winner:

And, I couldn't have a post without a funny face or saying from Silas:

There is also a pond in the back pasture and the kids have caught a few fish in it.  We don't go back there much, because snakes are supposed to be real bad this year. YAY!  I have been trying to get Aaron to buy me a little gun to shoot the snakes with if I ever see one.  Which reminds me, I better get to Atwoods and buy those rubber boots!

There is still alot to do, but we are just so thankful to be in a place that is completely OURS (all thanks to God).  Come on out and visit us sometime!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Henry turned 9 . . .

on Wednesday, but we didn't get to celebrate until Sunday afternoon. Happy Birthday, Henry!

Monday, June 11, 2012

$50K Dayz

Our youth group does a fundraiser each year called $50K dayz. It is when our youth do as much work as they can in a 48 Hour time period. They are broke up into 5 teams and compete to see which team can raise the most money from 6:00 on Thursday until 6:00 on Saturday. Lizzy worked her heart out these last couple of days and I am very proud of her. She would have to be there at 6:30 in the morning and work until after 10:00 or so at night. Her team came in 4th place, earning about $8,000. As a whole, Mpact raised $50,600 this time! After 6:00 on Saturday, the meet at CiCi's pizza to announce the winner and feed everyone. This is the only picture I got of her with her pals. Lizzy and Samuel will be going to Joplin, Missouri, to help with the tornado victims on their missions trip at the end of June.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chalk Festival

I took 4 of the kids to the chalk festival in downtown Broken Arrow today. Lizzy was working to earn money for her missions trip and Aaron and the boys were at Pow Wow. So, I decided to venture out and take them to the Farmer's Market this morning and came across this neat little event going on.  Some of the artwork we saw today:

I tried to get Nicky to stand by him, but he wouldn't do it:

Yes, Nicky is wearing his Superman cape.  It's either this or a Silas' baseball helmet:

These two kinda freaked Nic and Silas out.  They are "chalk mimes"?

I kept trying to get Nic to come on but he just kept staring at these guys.  He would hold up his finger and tell me, "jus a minute."  :) 

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Sadie won a limo ride with all her friends to Cherry Berry today at Hullabaloo. She brought the most visitors out of all the girls that were there today! So proud of her for accomplishing what she set out to do!