Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pics of Our New Place

Here are a few pics of our new place.

The road we drive to and from the main street to our house.  One of my favorite things about where we live:

We get to hear this little donkey at all hours of the day:

Our driveway:

Our new front porch that Aaron built:

The back of the house, where we spend most of our time:  (I have a porch swing now :))

The backyard, plenty of room for the kids to run:

There was a family of SEVEN living under the trailer until Aaron caught them:)  They are nasty little things and they stink!  We were wondering if we were ever going to catch them all.

The front pasture:

This is where I am going to plant my garden.  The barn in the background will be torn down and our new house will be built in that area:

This is what the pool looked like before we cleaned it.  There were a couple of times I thought I was going to throw up while cleaning it:

My cute little pool boy keeps it all nice and clean for us.  He is also a big help to his dad with all the household projects:

My new kitchen sink that Aaron installed for me last night (Happy Father's Day to me :)).  We had a hard time putting anything in the other one:

We found some blackberry bushes, just wish there were more berries on them:

Sadie's prize winner:

And, I couldn't have a post without a funny face or saying from Silas:

There is also a pond in the back pasture and the kids have caught a few fish in it.  We don't go back there much, because snakes are supposed to be real bad this year. YAY!  I have been trying to get Aaron to buy me a little gun to shoot the snakes with if I ever see one.  Which reminds me, I better get to Atwoods and buy those rubber boots!

There is still alot to do, but we are just so thankful to be in a place that is completely OURS (all thanks to God).  Come on out and visit us sometime!

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mom2four said...

LOVE it, it looks so peaceful and relaxing :) I bet the kids love all the outdoor space!