Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday mornings w/ Sophie & Silas

I get to spend 2 hours w/ just Sophie and Silas on Wednesday mornings, because the older 4 have piano lessons from 10-12. I enjoy the car rides back home w/ them, because it is usually very quiet. They sit in the back seat and don't say a word. They just listen to music and look out the windows. This morning driving back home, I was lost in my thoughts and enjoying the peace when Sophie breaks the silence by saying, "Silas, I love you." A smile comes across my face, as I look in my rear view mirror at them. I see Silas look at his sister with a disgusted look and he says, "NO!" Sophie just smiles at him and they both crack up laughing. I just love Wednesday mornings with these two!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tulsa State Fair

Aaron and I took the oldest 4 to the Fair on Friday. They have an event called "Oklahoma's Largest Classroom" where many of the schools and homeschoolers come and visit their educational exhibits. They had an ambulance you could go in, a "milking" parlor where they showed the kids how cows were milked, an animal birthing center where baby pigs and goats were being born, a fire truck, and other hands on activities for the kids.

The new anchors at News Channel 8. Samuel was hoping to get to meet one of the weathermen that worked there, but none of the news people were there yet. He loves to watch the news and see what kind of weather we are going to have.

Henry loves fire trucks!

Coloring in the kids center:

They had a huge area w/ building blocks. Samuel would rather do this than color.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sunday at Church

The girls got to stand up in front of the church and sing their Missionettes song and say a verse in both of the morning services on Sunday. Lizzy is in the Stars 3 program (blue shirt) and will have her Honor Star crowning in the Spring, which I have to say is a pretty big deal. There is a lot of work and memorization that goes into getting their Honor Star. Sadie is in Prims 2 (pink shirt) and Sophie is in Rainbows 2 (green shirt). The Missionettes and Royal Rangers programs at the church have really been a blessing to our family.

And, then during the evening the service, the oldest 3 were baptized by their children's pastor. I tried to get good shots, but this is the best I could get. Sammy went first:

Sadie was next:

And, last but not least, Lizzy:

It was such a blessing to have them approach Aaron and me about being baptized and then seeing them make such a profession of faith in Jesus. Every time I witness a baptism, this song plays through my head. I know that the "blessings" that God has given to Aaron and me "will never be the same again."

Charlotte's Web

One of the classics that we are reading this year is Charlotte's Web. I remember reading this book over and over as child and decided to make it a part of our curriculum. I recently took the oldest 5 to the Performing Arts Center to see their production of this classic. It really helped to make the story come to life for them (in a non-animated way). On our way home, the girls mentioned how they would like to act in a play someday. I think they would be pretty good at it, since there is so much DRAMA in our house at times!