Monday, January 12, 2009

WTMI - Way too much information

We have a bible study called "Balancing the Sword" that I do w/ the children every day as part of our school work. It is a really good tool to use, because you go chapter by chapter in the Bible and answer questions for that chapter. We started in the old testament and are working our way through Deuteronomy right now. I guess I didn't realize how much information was actually in the old testament, w/ regards to daily life. Today's chapter covered the topic of "feces" and how to get rid of it in a proper manner. So, as we are reading along and Sammy comes to that word, he of course wants to know what it means. As you can imagine, after answering his question, I lost control of the study for a few moments and then had to field many, many questions. "Why is poop made of? Did they have to poop in front of everyone since they didn't have a bathroom? So, does that mean we are playing in poop outside? and, it goes on and on. By the time I had answered questions to their satisfaction, Sammy puts his hand to his head and says "I think I am poop sick." I sware, I don't know where he comes up w/ some of his sayings. But, he sure gives me a good, private laugh every now and then!

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Charissa said...

That is hysterical! We had a similar conversation moment reading Romans 2, I think it was. I think the Bible is rated PG-13 at least, don't you think?