Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thank you God!

Yesterday, I was sitting down at the kitchen table to eat my breakfast. As I was sitting there, Sammy came into the kitchen and got a pair of kids scissors from the drawer. I have seen the girls do this too many times to count and the only thought that ever comes to mind is "great, I'm going to have another mess to clean up." This time was different. I felt I that needed to go and see what Sam was up to. Just as I entered his room, I saw him trying to get the plug cover off of the electrical outlet w/ the end of the scissors. I stopped him just before he jabbed the scissors into the outlet. I very calmly told him what could have just happened to him and asked him to please put the scissors back up and never to do that again! I am just so thankful for God and his still, small voice that speaks to our hearts. I'm thankful that I followed that voice and went to see what was up. Thank you God!

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