Monday, October 4, 2010

Oklahoma History Center

The kids and I, along w/ my dad, headed to OKC to visit the Oklahoma History Center. They were having a homeschool day and on the spur of the moment, I decided to check it out. My dad was gracious enough to drop his plans for the day and tag along to help w/ the baby and Silas. There was a scavenger hunt where the children had to answer the questions about a few of the exhibits, a civil war reenactor, lots of hands on exhibits, candle making (when we got out there to do our candle, they had just ran out of wicks, so we didn't get to make one), and at the end of our visit, they gave us a gift for coming! We ended our day trip w/ a visit to POPS in Arcadia for an ice cold soda. Here are some pics of our trip, some are interesting, some not so interesting :)

We were right across the street from the Capitol:

Does anybody remember this guy? I always wanted one of Don Woods' sketches of Gusty as a kid.

The Pawnee star map:

Pawnee hut:

Have you ever seen a necklace made from buffalo teeth?

Gemini 6

Listening to some rock and roll tunes:

Rock stars!!

See - they did go to school today:

I don't know who these boys are in the front, but they didn't seem to mind that I was taking a picture :)

An iron lung:

A pink washer and dryer from the 1950's:

At least I don't have to use one of these to wash clothes for 7 children:

The civil war re enactor:


Sadie took this picture of Silas on the way home. He feel asleep w/ his hand in his snack bag :)

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