Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December Photos

Here are a few shots of how we spent our December:

The kids showing off their scarves that Meemaw made for them for Christmas:
Silas showing off his sock booties from Meemaw and Papaw:

Nicky wasn't too interested in opening gifts this year:
Christmas morning breakfast - banana splits:

Henry making cookies at Bass Pro:

Sadie and Sophie making cookies at Bass Pro:

Trying to get a picture of the kids, but of course, Silas would not cooperate:

One of my favorite ornaments - one of the kids handprints made into snowmen:

Silas wearing his party hat after the birthday party for Jesus at church:

Celebrating Sammy's birthday at Ron's:

Aaron's usual meal at Ron's - a sausage cheeseburger w/ a chili cheese fries:


Celebrating at Ron's:

Notice the empty mug glasses in front of the boys - the reason Sammy wanted to go to Ron's for his birthday was for Root Beer and in a frosty mug :)
Hope everyone had a wonderful December, as well!

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