Monday, January 24, 2011

The Hiding Place

I took this video of Silas a few weeks ago:

When I first watched him doing this, I thought it was funny how kids want to hide in small places and be completely covered w/ blankets, so they can feel safe and protected. We've all done this as kids, but what do we do now that we are adults? The Bible says in Psalms 32:7a that "You (God) are a hiding place for me, you will keep me from distress;" and again in 119:114 "You are my hiding-place and shield; I put my hope in your word."

I love that it says that He will keep us from "distress." So many of us have things that worry or hurt us, and we don't know how to handle them. They can be overwhelming, even paralyzing at times. But, David tells us exactly where to go when trouble begins. He knew to hide in God and in his word, because there we find the only real peace. That's where I am hiding today, with the Great I AM!

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Anonymous said...

Good Word, Sweetie.