Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our First Opera

Today, Aaron and I took the four oldest children to see Don Giovanni. It was a great production and we had a wonderful time. It lasted about 2 and half hours and I was very proud of the kids for sitting there that long. Although, it wasn't hard to do, because it was a funny and entertaining opera. The kids were worried about not being able to understand it, since it was in Italian. But, they put the words up on a screen above the stage. Also, we were able to meet some of the performers after the show and take pictures w/ them. Did I mention we got to do this for free? Thank you Aaron Beck and the Tulsa Opera for making this possible.

Here they are w/ The Commendatore:

W/ Donna Anna:
W/ Masetto:

W/ the star Don Giovanni: He is supposed to be a ladies man in the story. What do you think ladies?

W/ Leporello:

And, w/ Donna Elvira:

Aaron was able to snap this scene w/ The Commendatore at the end w/ his cell phone (even though there are no cameras allowed during the performance):

We will definitely be going back to the opera in the future!

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