Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tulsa Geoscience Center

I took the kids on a field trip to the Tulsa Geoscience Center a couple of weeks ago with our homeschool group. They learned about fossils, rocks and minerals and their different smells and markings, how earthquakes happen, how certain minerals and rocks glow under certain lighting, and they even got to make their own rubber bands w/ latex and vinegar. We had a great time and the people that work there are very nice and really made it fun for the kids. I am having trouble w/ Blogger uploading some of my pics and spacing them correctly, so hopefully, most of these will show:

Getting ready to make rubber bands:

Henry found some fossilized fangs, or no, wait that is the fossilized animal scat he is putting up near his nose :)

The black light room:

*Interesting fact we learned today - certain birds can see their prey's urine at night because it glows under certain light.*

Digging for fossils:

Sophie's ammonite fossil:

Lizzy making a rubber band:

Finished product:

Sadie blowing on her solution to make a rubber band:

Sophie's group learning about fossils:

In the rock room:

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