Sunday, April 10, 2011

Aaron's B-day

Aaron turned 41 on Friday and we celebrated by taking him to Osaka for lunch after the girls' soccer games on Saturday. And, then we came home and had his birthday cocunut creme pie. YUM! Happy Birthday, Aaron! I love you! Some pics at Osaka: The kids loved watching him cook the meal.

I know this looks like I am giving a mean look, but he caught me just as I was turning to face him. He is always taking pictures of me when I am stuffing my face or when I am caught off guard. Anyway, I thought it was kinda funny:)

Nicky ate and ate, and ate some more:

He is making a volcano out of the onion for the kids:

Each one of the kids get to pick where they want to eat their birthday meal. I guess I know where we will be going for the next birthday :)

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