Friday, April 27, 2012

Acoustic Alchemy

After the field trip in OKC, we drove to Dallas. We celebrated Aaron's 42nd birthday there. He wanted to surprise the kids and take them to the Acoustic Alchemy concert at McDavid Studio in Ft. Worth. We try to go every year to see this group when they play in the Dallas area. The secret was kept until time to pick up the tickets, when Lizzy just happened to see a sign advertising the concert. Lizzy is ALWAYS the first one to know. :) I've included a little clip of one of their songs they played that night at the end, so be sure and take a minute to listen. You will enjoy it, just ignore my camera work. Ha!

This outside of Bass Hall (where we originally thought the concert was).  It is a beautiful building.  We hope to come back here sometime and actually see a performance inside the Hall.

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