Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Conversations with Silas

Silas:  Hey mom.  Eli called Josiah poopy.  And, Josiah called Eli "Bark" Bag.

Me:  Really?  You didn't call anyone a name did you?

Silas:  (thinking) Uh, no, I just thought I would tell you. 

a few seconds later

Silas: Hey mom.  Is Six Flags @ Aunt Sue's?

Me:  Yes, it is near Aunt Sue's.

Silas:  And, Silver Dollar City is @ Meemaw's?

Me:  Yes, it is close to Meemaw's house.

Silas:  And, the Summerfest is @ Mamoo's?

Me:  Yes, it is close to Mamoo's house.

Silas:  I thought so.  Now, when do we get to go to them?  Do I have to ask daddy?

I really do love this boy :)  And, I love these "conversations" with him.

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