Friday, August 27, 2010

God answers the cry of my heart . . .

I woke up this morning sensing God's presence, thinking about the things he has done in my life. It is amazing to me what God WILL do when we have the courage to believe in him and his word. It reminded me of something that happened to me a year ago . . .

Most everyone who reads my blog knows that my oldest son, Samuel, was diagnosed w/ Asperger's Syndrome when he was around 3. He is high functioning, and for the most part, seems like your average kid. He has difficulty making friends and being in large group settings w/ other children his age. There is so much information out there on autism, it is overwhelming. Not only that, but I always felt so helpless to read that there was no cure and my child may grow up and not lead a normal life (get married, have a family). So, I chose not to read it or believe any of it. I chose not to change his diet or put him in special classes. I chose to shut it all out and trust God, because HE gave me this little boy.

So, I would arrange for us to get together w/ other families that have boys his age. I usually found him off in his bedroom by himself not wanting to play. I watched children be mean to him, push him down, and see that Samuel didn't even realize they were being mean to him. It has been hard for me to watch this over the years. It has been hard to watch him struggle w/ his school work, trying to put words together that end up making no sense, seeing him play baseball and wanting to be able to hit the ball, but instead striking out again, trying to be friends w/ the boys in his class at church only to have them get up and move to another table or chair away from him. I think those things would be hard for any mother to watch. But, I just continued to trust God .

One day last year, Samuel's piano teacher had spoken to me about him being more and more distracted. I had noticed this, too. I explained to her about him having Asperger's and like most well meaning people do, she forwarded me a link w/ information on Asperger's. The website contained a blog of a young teenage boy who wrote about his struggles w/ Asperger's. One particular entry I read was about a day that his brother got asked over to a friend's house to play, but he was not invited. He couldn't understand why people didn't want to play w/ him or be around him. He was so angry and just wanted someone to ask him to play. I closed the link and began to cry, wondering if my son felt these same things. Right then, I prayed. It was a simple prayer, "Please God, don't let my son go through life w/out having a godly friend. "

Not five minutes had gone by when our phone rang. It was a boy from our church. He had just called to see how Samuel was doing and to see if there was anything he could pray w/ him about. I listened to the conversation, which lasted about 2 minutes. Samuel hung up the phone w/ a smile on his face. He told me that Kyle wanted him to go swimming w/ him sometime. I told him that would be great! Samuel went back to reading in his room and I went to my room and cried and just thanked God for hearing me right then.

Now, I know that Samuel has lots of friends (called siblings) that live w/ him and love him. And, I know that God has given him so MANY gifts and talents. Samuel can tell you the order of the Kings of Israel, if they were godly or evil and most times, how they died. He loves to read his Bible (which is what he is doing most of the time he is in his room alone). I am thankful that his heart is God's and I will take that any day over him being just your average play in the dirt, wrestling, getting into mischief boy any day. I am thankful for this perfect gift that God gave Aaron and I and I do not take it for granted. And, I am also thankful that when we have the courage to trust God, he will never fail to answer our prayers.

Is there something that God wants you to have courage to believe him for today?

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