Monday, August 16, 2010

Six Flags

This is our 2nd year to participate in the Six Flags reading program. The kids are required to read for a total of 6 hours and then Six Flags sends them a free ticket for gate admission. I even get a ticket for being their teacher! Last week, during the hottest temperatures of the year, we loaded up and went to Dallas. We spent all day Thursday at Six Flags and it was soooo hot. But, the park wasn't that busy and we didn't have to wait in any lines to ride the rides. The kids got to ride as much as they wanted! A couple of times, Silas didn't even get off of the ride, he just waited for them to start it back up. We had a great time! Here are some pics and a little video at the end:

Notice Sophie getting her head in the corner of the picture :)

So sweet!

This was the Titan. Only Lauren, Sadie and I rode it. Afterwards, I wished I hadn't!

He was such a good baby that day:

Look at Silas' face:

Aunt Sue and Silas sharing some nerds:

Nic loved the feel of Sylvester:

I love this picture! It looks like Sam is telling his brother what to expect:

Nic keeping cool by eating cookies and cream ice cream!


mom2four said...

so how or where can I get info about this program? And is it a summer program only?

Melissa said...


I enrolled for the program through Linda Duntley by subscribing to THE News. It is a newsletter that goes out monthly w/ all kinds of homeschooling information. It is well worth the $12 a year to me!