Friday, October 31, 2008

Romeo and Juliet

We have been reading Shakespeare (children's version) in school this year. My friend, Charissa, has also been doing Shakespeare w/ her children and she suggested that we take the girls to see Romeo and Juliet. So, I read the story to the kids and prepared them before seeing the play. It was put on by the Clark Youth Theatre and they did a really good job.
This morning, I overheard Aaron asking the girls if they had had a good time last night. They told him they really liked it and thought it was "funny". Then Sadie said, "There was a really bad thing that happened though." Aaron asked her what the bad thing was, probably half expecting her to talk about them killing themselves. She said, "Those people were really kissing. They're not supposed to do that unless they're married." I thought that was funny, because I didn't know if the ending was going to upset them or not. Turns out they thought that it was really silly for them to kill themselves and they were more concerned of the fact that they were kissing and not married. I sure love my girls!

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Charissa said...

No wonder they were so wide-eyed and on the edge of their seats. I thought it was all the yelling and cursing that was upsetting them. :) That is really cute. Apparently you have taught them well. Liesel really liked it too. I have to say, Mercutio was pretty hilarious.