Monday, December 15, 2008

Fun Day at the Urban's

My friend, Charissa, invited our family and another family over last Thursday for a fun day. We decorated Christmas cookies, made an ornament, and acted out the Christmas story. We all had a great time. Thank you to Charissa for opening your house to us all and to Delahne for coming up w/ the ornament idea. I love the way ours turned out!

Here are some pics of Delahne helping the girls w/ their ornaments:

The finished product! Aren't they cute! The snowmen are the children's fingers.

Here are some of the boys decorating their Christmas cookies:

And, here are some pics of the children acting the Christmas story out. We drew names to see who would play what part:

Charissa read the story out loud while the children acted it out. Sophie stayed on the couch most of the time, because she was scared of the "big dogs."

Liesel was a wise man.

Catherine was the inn keeper.

Samuel Wright was Joseph, Lizzy was Mary, and baby Caleb was of course Jesus.

Here are the goofy shepherds!

Sadie was the angel that appeared to the shepherds.

Silas and Ava were just hanging out doing their own thing. Aren't they adorable!


Marlita said...

That looks fun! Happy Birthday to Sammy. Sebastian is on the 7th, but because I had back problems we had to postpone. When are we gonna have another girl night out? This time without the prom dresses.

Melissa said...

But I liked wearing the prom dress! We definitely need to get another girls night out planned. It may have to wait until after the holidays, though.