Monday, December 15, 2008

Sammy is now in the double digits!

I can't believe I have a 10 year old! I can't believe it was 10 years ago that I gave birth to this 9 lb. 14 1/2 oz. baby boy! I still remember it vividly, and I hope I always will. Sammy is one amazing little boy, who I know will grow up to be an amazing man that will walk w/ God all the days of his life.

We celebrated his birthday on Thursday and pretty much into the weekend. We had a party on Thursday night w/ my family and then we left for Dallas on Friday to see Aaron's sister and her family. While we were there, we visited the Log Cabin Village in Fort Worth. We had a great time and the weather couldn't have been better. We always take the birthday child to the restaurant the want to go to, and so Samuel chose Red Lobster. I hope it was a birthday that he will remember!

Some pics of the Log Cabin Village:

I think Silas was smitten w/ this little girl.

Sammy and Henry stringing popcorn.

The girls stringing popcorn.

Lizzy is making a tamale.

Sadie making a tamale.

I was showing Silas how to gather eggs. Once he gathered them, he didn't want to let go.

Henry gathering eggs.

Daddy needs to pull down Silas' shirt to cover that big belly of his. Lizzy just loves to have her picture taken.

A decorated cabin for the holidays. They were actually cooking something on the wood stove. It smelled pretty good in there.

I know that look, it means a bad smell it about to overtake us.

The children putting cloves in oranges.

In front of the grist mill. The miller gave each one of the children a bag of corn kernels to plant. I may have corn stalks growing in my yard next year! Won't my neighbors love that!

I wonder what he is thinking?


mom2four said...

I didn't realize our oldest were so close in age! Brianna just turned 10 on Thursday :) Looks like a GREAT place there in Fort Worth I'll have check it out!!

Charissa said...

Happy Birthday Sammy! We loved that place. It looks way busier than the day we went though. Wonder why.....