Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Colorado Springs - Day 2

Our first full day in Colorado Springs was spent at the Cave of the Winds and the Manitou Cliff Dwellings. There is so much to do in Colorado Springs that we usually tried to squeeze in at least 2 places in a day. Our first stop was Cave of the Winds. Believe it or not, the first room of this cave was discovered by two boys who were out playing and exploring one day.

Silas fell asleep on our way.
This was the view going up the mountain to the cave entrance. I had a hard time looking down these mountains and I was a nervous wreck to have the children up there. I wished I'd had leashes for everyone of them, to keep them away from the edges. :)

Inside the cave:
Some places were tight squeezes for anyone over 5 feet tall.
The old entrance and exit. The black spots were from the candles they held.
Does everyone remember their science lesson on stalactites and stalagmites? Stalactites stick "tightly" to the ceiling and you "might" trip over a stalagmite. By the way, I did count this trip as part of our school year :)

Aaron and I outside the caves.

Henry wrestled a bear !

This was outside the Cliff Dwellings. As you can see, we had to put on our jackets because it started to rain and the temps dropped a little.
This was the dwelling place of the Anasazi Indians. The literature said that these dwellings were here before Columbus discovered America.

I don't think Aaron would have fit in with these people. He is way too tall!

Four families lived in this structure, one in each room.

The view on the way down. Aaron and I were in awe of God's handiwork.

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