Friday, September 25, 2009

What we have been up to since vacation

Life has been busy and full for us since returning from vacation. We celebrated Silas' 2nd birthday and Sophie's 4th birthday together, since we were in Colorado for Silas'.

Sophie got her ears pierced for her birthday. She says she is now a "big" girl:

We started back to school. Everyone seems to be doing well. Sammy and Lizzy are now in 5th grade and learning fractions, sentence diagramming, and about the human body. Sadie is in 2nd grade, but is well ahead of 2nd grade work. She often works ahead in her books and she is reading 5th grade level books. Henry is in 1st grade and is doing well. His reading has really improved this year and he has added Italian and piano lessons.

The two oldest have added a couple of new things this year. Lizzy has decided to try her hand at sewing. This is her first project, so be looking for a picture of the finished product. She is really enjoying this class.

Sammy is taking golf lessons through the First Tee program. He is loving this class! His first week, he came home w/ the "smiley golf ball" for putting the ball closest to the flag!

Both of the girls are playing fall soccer. One of the grandmothers on Sadie's team sent me these pictures of Sadie. I'll have some more of both girls soon.

In the midst of all of this, it was time to potty train Silas. He is sitting on the big potty and stays dry all night and through his naps. It's just that darn #2 thing that keeps giving us problems!

As you can see, all of this activity has left some of us very, very tired!

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