Thursday, September 3, 2009

Colorado Springs - Day 4

We spent the 4th day at the Garden of the Gods and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. The Zoo was built on a mountain and was the equivalent height of a 10 story building. It was a very nice zoo and we had perfect weather all day.

The giraffes were the first animals to see and you could buy crackers to feed them. The deck was built up so that you were practically face to face w/ the giraffes.

I was trying to trick this one into thinking I had a cracker so Aaron could take a picture of him right by my head, but he wasn't buying it.

These two were in a seperate pin about to mate. We got out of there before we had to answer any questions from the kids.

A porcupine in a tree:

These two bears were wrestling in the water:

One of Sammy's favorites:

This guy reminded me of the story Alice in Wonderland:

Another of Sammy's favorites:

Baby wallaby:

An albino wallaby:

Not sure what this is:

This little guy looks like he is posing for the camera:

Sammy's favorite exhibit in the zoo:

He finally got up from his spot and came down to see us. Sammy was so excited!

The entrace into the Garden of the Gods (the kids and I called it the Garden of "our" God instead):

From what I gathered, this is where the locals come to walk, cycle, and rock climb. Colorado City is called the #1 fittest place in the United States. So, this group of people riding segways cracked me up:

Taking a break on the trail. Aaron and I decided to rename the children tired, hot, hungry and thirsty, because that is all we heard from them while walking through the formations.

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