Monday, September 19, 2011

GFRT - Day Seven

Today was our last day in the Eastover Manor, so I thought you might like to see some pictures I took of the inside. It really is a beautiful place.

Lizzy and Sadie's room:

The boys and Sophie stayed in this room:

The living room:



Aaron and I stayed in this room:

We packed up and were off to Yorktown today. On our way each morning from the Manor we have passed this cotton field:

Aaron and the kids were feeding the gulls animal crackers on the ferry. One of them actually came down and snatched one right out of Aaron's hand:

The kids had classes and we did the tour of Yorktown, as well.

The encampment:

Listening to the doctor and how he would use each instrument:

If a wife decided to come along with her husband, she had to live in this:

And would often times perform these duties for the soldiers for a fee:

Learning about Life on a Colonial Farm:

After leaving Yorktown, we headed north to Purcelville, VA.

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