Friday, September 16, 2011

Goff Family Road Trip - Day Five

So, have we worn everyone out yet? Today is the day that we are starting to show that we are a little cranky and tired of driving. We got in late the night before driving in from Charlottesville to our next place of stay, the Eastover Manor. It is a beautiful old place, but it was located DEEP IN THE WOODS. Yes, I am a city girl and not used to driving at night in thick woods. I have seen too many Friday the 13th movies and just knew that this is where they had to have been made. Needless to say, I did not sleep well the first night, even though I was exhausted. I was very glad to see the sun rise the next morning. I went outside quickly and took a few pics. Did I mention that the mosquitos are the size of small bird here? Sophie, Nicky and I have the bites to prove it.

This is our view from the back of the house. There is a little beach just below that you can reach by a little path in the woods.

Everything always seems so perfect in pictures, with the people always smiling and showing how happy they are. Despite a few setbacks we were still having fun today, but you might see a few fake smiles or even frowns. Today is the day that my flat iron quit working (so my hair will be frizzy the rest of vacation) and our brand new, just a few weeks old, camera died on me while I was taking a video at Williamsburg. So, I missed the exciting end of the Victory March through town with everyone marching behind the Fifes and Drummers. I was not happy! So, the rest of the vacation I am having to take pictures with Lizzy's camera. Boo! But, I am thankful I have something to capture some memories.

Anyway, we started our 5th day taking the Ferry across the James River to Williamsburg. We have to use the ferry to get to and from where we are staying.

The whole reason this trip was planned is because I had read about the Homeschooler's Experience that is done twice a year in the Historic Triangle. So, I have spent the past 6 months planning all the things we wanted to do while we were in this area. As part of the Homeschooler's Experience, they offer classes or demonstrations for different areas of life during the Revolution. I enrolled the kids in a class called "Life of a Soldier." Here they are enlisting or making their mark to join the Virginia Militia:

The officer in charge of the company the children were in:

They even enlisted Silas. Can you tell he wasn't too happy about it:

Teaching them how to hold and discharge their rifles:

Yelling orders:

Nicky even got in on the action and had to march w/ daddy:

They were shown what camp would look like. This is the oven they would cook there rations in daily:

Their rations consisted of fish, dried beans, bacon, and hard bread:

Taking a photo with their commanding officer. Doesn't he look like a lot of fun to be around?

Inside the courthouse:

The courthouse:


Two of the actors in town:

The girls were a big hit in the town. Everyone kept asking them where they got their dresses and some even stopped them to take THEIR pictures. Celebrities in the making. should give me some sort of kick back with all the publicity we gave them.

The Milliner:

The Jeweler:

Not sure I could wear one of these every day:

The governor's palace:

Right after this picture, my camera went dead. But, we had a really great time in Williamsburg and I hope to come back here someday. The kids learned so much today.

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