Friday, September 16, 2011

GFRT - Day Six

Today was our longest and the hottest day of our vacation. We started our day in Jamestown, where the kids each had a class they attended that morning pertaining to the Powhatan Indians and the First Settlers. After lunch, we took a 2 hour guided tour of the Settlement. After our trip to Jamestown, we drove to Virginia Beach, in hopes of catching a glimpse of the ocean. But, by the time we got there and had dinner, it was too dark for the kids to see the water. So, we just drove thru and made our way back to the Manor late that night. It was a very long day, but the kids learned a few things and we had a great time.

We have eaten more fast food these past few days than we have eaten in a long time. The kids are enjoying it while it lasts. Nicky loves chicken nuggets!

Sophie and Silas in their class:

These two are inseparable:

Our tour guide: She had a southern accent that reminded me of someone trying to talk with a mouth full of marbles. I loved it!

Powhatan homes:

Scarecrow house: a young boy would stay in the scarecrow hut and keep animals out of the garden and crops.

One of the 3 three ships that the settlers came over on:

Can you name the three ships? I know I couldn't. I don't even remember learning this stuff in school. They were the Susan Constant, the Discovery, and the Godspeed.

Learning how to measure water depth:

In the hull of the Constant:

Watching a tree being burned out and scraped and made into a canoe:

Once the tree was burned out a little, they would scrape them with oyster shells:

Demonstrating a matchlock gun:

It was so hot and Nicky and I took every chance we got to find a seat in the shade:

Trying on the armor:

Inside the church:

Watching a basket being made:

These next shots were in the original Jamestown settlement. I stayed in the car with the "littles" to take a nap, while Aaron took the older children in.


Charissa said...

I'm just getting caught up on computer time. I enjoyed seeing all your pictures and great stories. I just have one question....Do they give out free samples at the Budweisery Brewery? Thanks for sharing! Loved every post... :)

Melissa said...

Of course! Actually, they give out 2 free samples and soda and pretzels for the kids.