Sunday, September 11, 2011

Goff Family Road Trip - Day Three

This is how my morning started off:
. . . with Silas crying because he wanted to go home and play the Wii. (big sigh) After we convinced him that he could play as soon as we get home (in another 10 days), we set off for breakfast and then on to the Creation Museum. Today will probably be my favorite thing of our whole trip. I loved the Creation Museum! If you are planning a family trip anywhere near Petersburg, KY, it is a must see. They do a great job of making the Bible come to life. The characters look so real, down to the dirt they have on their sandals and feet. We spent about 4 hours here and didn't get to see everything, because we had a 4 hour trip ahead of us.

There are plenty of dinosaurs to see:

Depiction of an archeological dig:

Daddy teaching his babies:

The tomb is empty!!

King David:




Martin Luther:

Fragment found w/ Saddam Hussein:

I love this picture. Wish I had one to go in my home:

In the garden of Eden:

Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil:

Adam and his bride:

The serpent:

Sin entered the world:

Abel and his family:

Abel's wife (don't they know what causes that?):

Cain kills Abel:


Working on the Ark:

Taking a quiz on the story of Noah:


Putting together a puzzle:

Taking a break:

Look what Silas bought:

We drove for an hour or so and gave the littles (and mom) a chance to nap before stopping to eat at Pizza Hut. Here are a few shots of us just being silly:

Nicky gets so excited when he gets to drink pop:

The last 45 minutes or so of the drive, Nicky started fussing. So, I kept him occupied by taking pictures of him in the dark. He would crack up knowing the camera was going to flash real bright.

We made it to Charleston, West Virginia, at about 9:00 p.m. This hotel had an elevator (Praise the Lord) but a large transformer had blown downtown yesterday, so they were out of phone service and vending. The guy at the counter was so nice and filled up a box full of snacks for the kids. We had another great day!

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