Saturday, September 10, 2011

Goff Family Road Trip - Day Two

We hit the ground running this morning. We got up early and decided to skip breakfast, thinking we would just eat a big lunch. We later realized that maybe this was not such a good idea for Nicky. He was a just a little bit whiny today. And, the six hour drive to Cincinnati after didn't help matters any. But, all in all, we enjoyed ourselves.

Getting ready to go up into The Arch:

Can you see his tears? Aaron said they could hear him crying in the next tram.

Some aerial shots from the top:

Those dots you see are people walking around below:

Nicky still not happy:

Close quarters:

Henry was trying on the latest fashion of the 1800's, a buffalo skin coat.

Sammy found a new friend:

It was freezing there:

I told Aaron that I wanted a set of this cookware for Christmas:

The Suburban of the Westward Expansion:

A boat made of buffalo skin:

Some fun shots outside The Arch:

A bicycle built for . . . 4? I wonder if they have one for a family our size?

I bought several certificates for restaurants on to help with the expense of some of our meals. I purchased one for a place called Yummies in St. Louis. The description said that it was down home cooking at it's best and had several good reviews. But, when we started off to find it, I got a little nervous. It wasn't exactly in the best of neighborhoods AND the restaurant was in a house that had been remodeled into an eating establishment. So, I was a little skeptical pulling up to it, and thought to myself "Oh, well, I only spent $3." But, the food was AWESOME and everyone of the kids finished what was on their plates (that doesn't happen very often). It was definitely worth the try.

Can you guess where we took this picture:

We made it to our hotel at about 9:30 tonight. We had to carry our luggage up to the 3rd floor. There is no elevator in this building (Aaron was not happy about that at all.) But, we are here and Nicky was happy to lay down and sleep.

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