Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Field Trip

Yesterday, I took the children on a tour of Great Harvest Bread Company. A few other families joined us and we all got to learn about making bread. She taught the children how to plant, grow, harvest, mill, make a dough and form it into a shape, bake and cut it. And at the end, we got to enjoy a slice of fresh from the oven bread w/ butter. Yum! She also gave all of the moms a free loaf of bread to take home! It was a great experience for all of us.

Samuel and Henry and some of the other boys.

Some of the girls. All lined up and ready to plant our wheat kernels.

We needed the rain and the sun, to make our wheat grow.
Cutting down our wheat.
This is the "mill" we took our wheat to.
The milling room was pretty small, so I had to take this picture from the other side. Obviously, Henry was not paying attention to the miller, but wondering what I was doing.
She is showing them how to make the mix for their dough and telling them the 5 ingredients they need. I'm going to see if they remember today what those ingredients were.
Do you think this machine is noisy? He is showing them how they mix their dough.

Forming their loaves.

Almost ready to put in the oven. Wonder if those hands are clean? (No, they did not eat the loaves they made.)

Showing them how their oven works. Kinda wish I had one of these:).


Charissa said...

Wow. Look at our well behaved kids with their hands behind their backs. By the way, I reallyl enjoyed my toast this morning...with honey..Maybe I won't want to weigh in on Friday after all!

mom2four said...

Did you just organize this or was it through a group? I would have LOVED to have come to this!! We should get together sometime :)

Anonymous said...

When you guys come up for Thanksgiving, maybe I won't have to bake anything. Just let the kids in the kitchen . . .or maybe not . . . Mom