Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Breakfast w/ my girlies

The girls love it when I take them to breakfast and their are no boys w/ us. So, I took them to Shiloh's (their favorite place to have breakfast) and then I took them w/ me to vote. The wait at the polling place was an hour and a half, so I went back later w/ all of the children. I was able to show them what the ballot looks like, what was on it, and how to fill it out. Lizzy was pretty upset this morning when I told her Barak Obama had won and would be our next president. She asked me how he thought he was going to help people by making us pay more in taxes. How come children get it, but the adults just don't?

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Charissa said...

I feel like I'm getting to know you and your kids better through your blog. I love it. I can't believe you waited an hour and a half to vote with 3 kids in tow! I guess you were determined. Tell Lizzy I don't get it either. She's so cute.