Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sweet Sammy

Sammy is such a sweet and compassionate little boy. A few days ago, I was talking to the children about where they were going to live when they grew up and had families of their own. I had told them that I hoped that would stay close, so that I could visit them and see my grandchildren often. Sammy looked at me real serious, and said,"Mom, I am probably going to live in Wagoner." I asked him, "Why Wagoner?", and he said, "Because, I am probably going to help Papaw with his lawns and I need to be close to take care of him. He is going to need my help." Then he said, "I guess I could live in Coweta so I won't be too far from you." I thought this was so sweet, because no one has ever talked to him about taking care of anyone.

Then, something happened yesterday in the car, that kind of blew me away. Sadie had asked if we could listen to a Newboys CD, so Samuel put it in. He just took the CD out of its case, put it in the player, and put the case back in the storage place. I never saw him look at the case. Sadie then asked him if he could play song #11, and he said there is no #11 on this CD. So, I immediately checked the CD and there was no #11, it only had 10 songs on it. I couldn't tell you which CD has X number of songs on it, but he can. He amazes me how he stores numbers and information in his brain. He is an amazing gift from God!

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Anonymous said...

Melissa, you are an amazing mother and I love you so much for who you are, and for being my Son's covenant wife and the mother of my grandchildren.
Thank you for posting all this so that we can enjoy the family.
We have always known that Sammie is gifted with something most of us cannot ever have and I'm so happy that you are his mommie.
Love, Mom