Friday, November 14, 2008

Philbrook Art Museum

Yesterday, I took the children to the Philbrook Art Museum. I invited 5 other homeschooling families to go w/ us and we had a great time. We took a tour of their Queen Victoria's Reign collection. Apparently, this is the very first time that this collection has been released for viewing in a museum. I had my 3 oldest to write about (Sadie just told me since she is still learning to spell) one that they really liked and one that they didn't like and tell me why. Altogether, we had 22 children and 6 mommies. I didn't get a picture of everyone together, because they split us up into two groups.

This was our group.

This was outside in the gardens. I imagine this is really beautiful in the spring.

Henry standing in front of one of the pieces of "art". It's amazing to me what they can call art and get away w/ it.
Why does every little boy "have" to drink from a water fountain? I try not to think about all the germs. I also wanted to add something about Samuel. There was one painting on the tour of a bunch of geese that looked startled. There was a man's hat laying in front of them in the picture and they looked as if they didn't know what to do about the hat. The tour guide asked the children what they thought was happening to the the geese and Samuel said,"Maybe they are afraid of being ducknapped." The tour guide was trying not to smile and just offered a "could be." This is Caleb. His family goes to our new church and he and Samuel have become good friends. I am so thankful for this family.

The kids were sitting here doing some sketching of the gardens. The museum gave each of them a box w/ paper, crayons, pencil and eraser, and an art card. They can bring their boxes back each month and Philbrook will give them another art supply and art card. Isn't that neat? I am definitely going to take advantage of this wonderful place more often.

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